Dancers are Really Smart

Oof. Had my second lesson last night with Luis. I learned this flying fish thing where I grab my left foot over his shoulder and extend my right leg out into splits as far as possible and he whirls me around and around and around. Almost threw up. Also almost kicked a lady in the chest with foot of extended leg. Actually, I am becoming known for kicking ladies in the chest. A couple of weeks ago, with Pasha, I was doing a lift and when I jumped and he picked me up and I extended my front leg out, it hit a female student right smack in the chest. Fortunately I was only wearing ballet slippers and not evil latin stilettos. And fortunately she wasn’t hurt and we were able to kind of laugh about it afterward because the lift happened right as Jessica Simpson bellowed over the speaker, “Take my breath awayyyy”, which I guess I kind of did to her.
Anyway, I also learned a “pot stir” last night, which is where Luis is standing above me spinning me, looking indeed like he’s stirring a thick concoction in a big ole pot, and I play the pot, or the gunk in the pot I guess, spinning on one foot. His professional partner, Anya, did like 50 spins in a row with him during the last performance. After half an hour of practicing it, I managed to do 4 rotations without falling flat on my nonexistant butt.

Dancing is so hard!

Luis told me I’d be sore today because the pot stir tends to do that to women, and suggested a hot bath and ibuprofin. But I didn’t feel a thing last night and swore I was strong, he was wrong. Of course I could hardly make it down the stairs from my loft this morning, and it’s only gotten worse throughout the day. Can hardly lift my left thigh up at this point, which means major limping. Guess listening to the teacher is not a bad idea.

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