Total Frigging Joke!

Okay, I’ve decided to give up for the moment trying to figure out how to post pictures on Word Press — way too much for me to handle right now being sick with flu / migraine / eye infection / sinus infection / laryngitis / dehydration-verging-on-heat-stroke. So, I am just going to link to the photo page of the picture I wish to show as such. That’s what I will be looking like for the next week. Ugh. Red puffy make-up-less eyes covered by a massive, thick shield of glass. I hate hate HATE glasses! After waking yesterday morning completely unable to swallow, hear, breathe or see out of one eye, I called my doctor only to find I was unable to speak as well. Apparently my flu infected not only my sinuses and eye but my vocal cords as well. Of course my doctor would have to be on vacation, leaving me to call first her answering service to find out who her emergency doctor on call was, then call that doctor and explain to his curt receptionist who I was, what I needed, and get out of her detailed instructions on where they were located. I really don’t know how she understood a word of my squeaking. After the trying phone conversation I drank a bowl of steaming (perfect in this heat wave) chicken broth, and coughed up a bit of blood. I know, tasty… sorry.

Anyway, I managed to make it up and down two sets of subway stairs, walk the length of two subway platforms, and then lumber five blocks out in the blinding sun wearing my depth-distorting glasses with no shades. Ended up with a horrible migraine. Doctor confirmed I do indeed have an eye infection and cannot wear the contacts for at least a week. Did not have strep or mono (as I honestly was beginning to fear), but likely had a sinus infection, and of course laryngitis. He gave me prescriptions for two different antibiotics, one of which my local Duane Reade did not have in stock and so referred me to another store but not until after I’d already paid for both there, leaving me to cough up more blood trying to explain to the pharmacist at the second store why he should fill my prescription without me paying him, then ask him about drug interactions since I knew I’d be downing Maxalt (mind-saving Migraine meds) the second I got home.

I eventually got over my headache last night, although it’s returned twice today, likely I think, from the heat, and I’ve now used up an entire $10 three-pack of Maxalt tabs. My eye is less red and swollen but every time I turn on the fans, I literally feel it dry up (though I make sure the fans aren’t directed at my face) and then begin to blur and hurt again, which is a big problem at least for the next couple of days because of this BLASTED heat wave. When I turn off the fans, I find myself drenched in sweat (I don’t have an air con because I’m honestly usually not that hot) which the doctor told me to be careful of or I’d suffer the effects of dehydration.

I’m so depressed! I called the studio this afternoon and cancelled my two lessons — with Luis and Pasha — for this week. Plus, they’re starting a performance class this Thursday for the October showcase, which I was going to take. I don’t even know what dance the class is going to perform but judging by the teacher, likely Hustle, which would be a lot of fun. I almost cried when I spoke to the receptionist, defensively telling her there’s just no way with this sinus thing, returning migraine b/c of heat wave and having to wear glasses, and the damn glasses themselves that I can dance right now. She laughed and assured me it was okay and I could join the perf class next week; I’d easily catch up on the class and my private lessons. I just hope the eye is better next week. I still don’t know what real dancers do when things like this happen? I wonder if I could just go without seeing well – at least I wouldn’t freak myself out as much fixating on how horrible I looked in the mirror?… And maybe I’d be less inhibited with the “sexy poses” Luis gives me and Pasha’s “acting” suggestions, by not being able to see any crazed looks people in the studio may be giving me??? Hmmmm… Oooh, I know this so isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, other people go through far worse, and I sound like a complete baby, but I just want this to be over; I want my contact lenses!!!!

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