Pics of Pasha and Me are up!

Photos of Pasha and me (about 7) are up, thanks to Rebekkah! She took a film of Luis and me doing our crazy Mambo, so we’re trying to figure out if we can take snaphots from that. By the way, no teabagging occurred during that lovely little routine, I am very happy to report (at least I don’t THINK it did — oh I was so nervous I don’t even remember doing the damn snake!!!) Anyway, Rebekkah has an awesome camera, like the real photographer she is! I have crapola… Thanks so so so much, Rebekkah for these! And thanks as well to Judy, my very first friend in New York and hence always my NY ‘big sis’ :), Mark and Jackie, my wonderful former West Coast Swing team buddies, and Alyssa, my indefatigable friend who will let me drag her to just about any dance event 🙂 You guys all made me so happy by showing up to support me! You guys are the greatest!!!

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