The Penis Enlargement Purveyors Have Raided My Photo Journal

Spam ruins lives. Seriously, it really puts a damper on the fun of blogging. (And because of this post’s title, I expect 50 spams a day minimum). But at least I can moderate the comments on this blog. I can’t do that on my photo journal plogger. So, think I’m gonna have to disable the comments function on the photo journal. With plogger, you either have to have the comments turned on or off; so, with them turned on, spammers can comment freely, forcing me to take valuable time from my day to manually delete the unwanted messages. At first it wasn’t so bad, but recently I’ve been getting upwards of 20 per day (got 42 at once to a single post).

But, it’s okay because now that I know how to embed a photo in THIS blog, where I CAN moderate comments and just refuse to post the spam, people who were commenting on the photo page can now comment here 🙂

Anyway, to try to make light of what is really an extremely frustrating problem, I think it’s kind of funny which pictures the Penis Enlargement pushers targeted to advertise their rubbish. It’s like they decided that someone in each of these pics could somehow benefit from a penis englargement in their lives. Here are some:

marthas vineyard artwork

“Maybe I wouldn’t be soooo exhausted being me if only my beau would take me away from myself, with a penis enlargement…”

Yanna doing splits lift

“Please, Lucas! If this lift is not a cry-out, I don’t know what is!”

WCS team baby baby baby lunge

Poor Mark — you seem to have got drawn into this vortex of profane insanity just for being my West Coast Swing partner … sorry!
Benji Schwimmer winning SYTYCD


bobby brown guy teaching us to put on stage makeup

“Maybe explaining stage makeup to a bunch of first-time female performers wouldn’t be soooo tense-ridden if only I was a little bigger than this…”
guy waiting on the train at kings highway on my way to see valentina

Maybe guy waiting for the Manhattan-bound Q train at Kings Highway would not be so lonely, if he only had a penis enlargement.
me surveying my arsenal of TAC headache meds

“Maybe I wouldn’t need this arsenal of meds for my blasted Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgia headaches if my boyfriend would just get a penis enlargement…”

DTS student showcase poster

Melanie is definitely hot for penis enlargements!

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