Hooray For Achilles Heel Marathoners!

Achilles Heel Marathon Runner

Today was the New York City Marathon — always a special day for me, and one of the many many reasons I love living close to the park, and finish line. A Brazilian guy won this year’s men’s race … which was a lotta fun for me of course, with my little Brazil fetish 🙂

Ever since my first friend in New York City, the divine Ms. Judy, took me to this event years ago when I was new here, I have always especially loved watching the Achilles Heel participants — those who have the courage and strength to run a 26.2 -mile race– miraculous for anyone to muster up — but with a disability. Literally made me cry the first year I saw it … people working so hard to overcome a nasty hurdle life threw at them, and accomplishing something huge, and attainable only by a select few really.

Here are a few other pics. It gets so crowded near the finish line, so I was up a few blocks, where the runners walked it off and met up with family and friends cheering them on. Everyone appeared to be in serious pain, and some even needed a bit of medical help. Methinks the city’s drug stores must be quite deplete of epsom salts right now…

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