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harmonie impact dance belt

Oh what to get Jacob and Pasha for little holiday gifts?… What to get, what to get? I hate getting presents for people — I suck at figuring out what would be just the right thing!

Chimene, from the Winger board, posted the above pic of our favorite male dancer 🙂 and I asked jokingly if it came in steel (dance belt, not David Hallberg) for my teachers (b/c of my little problems). Chimene suggested I buy this Harmonie Impact belt, which is currently on sale, and have it bronzed, like baby shoes. He he he, I love Chimene — what would the Winger board be without her 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Tonya!

    To quote some ‘’ lingo: OMG, I am LMAO right now esp. the part about ‘if it came in steel (dance belt, not David Hallberg)’. Now, I’m almost positive that Mr Hallberg doesn’t read the winger message board or other dance fan sites because we are all a little insane [about DH], and how does one react to that on a continual basis? 🙂 🙂 Man, the images and thoughts running through my head right now.


  2. BTW, I had to remove the above pic of DH in the dance belt from my desk top because seeing it everyday made me feel like a pervert or like that 34-year-old teacher that became pregnant by her 6th grade pupil. Based on everything I have read in dance reviews and through The Winger itself, Mr David Hallberg, is held in the highest esteem plus look at his countenance and body language. He truly carries himself like a work of art, uh, like the David sculpture by Michelangelo and the paintings on the walls of the Sistine Chapel, which I had seen on a tour of Italy in May 2002. Something about seeing Mr David Hallberg in the dance belt reminded me of all the sensations & sights experienced during that trip, and I was suddenly entranced/entralled by him; prior to that he was ‘just a dancer’ I wanted to see. It was sick, and I needed to snap out of it. I haven’t even seen him perform live or on DVD!!
    “.. You have just found more scaffolding and this is just a copy of the famous David by Michelangelo, situated at the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio ( where for almost four centuries the original statue had represented the power and dignity of the Florentine Republic ), The original you will find at the Accademia Gallery where it has been since 1873 for reasons of conservation.”

  3. Ha, ha – I love how big you made that pic! If you were still dancing with Luis, you would have to do it! Presents for dance teachers are so hard – on the one hand, it’s a very intimate relationship (talk about someone knowing your weaknesses and fears and body image issues, etc.!), but on the other it’s professional (customer/client). Hard to find a middle ground. P.S. – where is Pasha; I haven’t seen him in forever?

  4. I know, Parker! Luis would have appreciated it! I don’t know where Pasha is; Lauren just told me he is “taking time off”???

    Chimene — no, you can’t take David off your desk top!!! Put him back on! David’s an adult, so you’re not like the pedophile teacher!! I have a picture on my work bullentin board of Jose Carreno from the cover of last year’s ABT brochure, in the Corsaire costume — so basically hanging from a rope with no shirt on. No one’s ever said anything, and I don’t think they should mind because it’s art! And that’s so sweet to liken David to a work of art, like Michaelangelo’s David. David should read the Winger board, though I’m sure he doesn’t. I don’t think he even reads all of his comments sometimes… I’m totally surprised he responded to Larry’s question on his Green Table post– he’s never responded before 🙂 I’m sure he’s usually really busy and just has a breather now since they’re all on vacation. Well, you MUST see David dance sometime. Then you will see what a work of art he truly is :):):)

  5. I probably won’t post the HI photo of David again or at least not until I can view him as just another sexual object not some person that reminds me of Jesus Christ, baby bunnies, all that is holy & pure. Also, I couldn’t even be in front of the computer naked (hey, I live in a studio apt!) without feeling like I was scandalizing his image. I was about 2 steps away from seeking a prescription for thorazine, an anti-pyschotic drug 😉

  6. Chimene — ‘baby bunnies’ ha ha ha!

    Actually, clarification of my earlier response to Parker — I think Luis would have preferred the model of David in the belt, not just the belt 🙂 It’s funny to me how men — gay or straight (though for gay men I’m sure it depends on how comfortable and safe they feel at the time) — feel free to express their feelings about others they find attractive, but women are afraid of looking like “perverts”? He would always come up behind me in the deli next door to the dance studio and point out to me some guy he thought was cute and ask for my opinion, which I loved! But women feel weird doing the same… which is understandable, i guess, we don’t feel comfortable objectifying…

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