Fergie to Dance With Stars? Why Not ABT Royalty??

I just received in my inbox news that, according to rumor anyway, Sarah Ferguson is considering being on “Dancing With the Stars.” I think that would be quite fun actually; she’d be so cute! Who’d be her partner: Dovolani? Hmmm. I still think they should have ABT dancers do it. I’d so love to see Marcelo Gomes and Jose Carreno doing Quickstep or Viennese Waltz. Not with each other of course … although … hmmm… No, seriously, I really really wanna see ballet dancers run around the room at maximum speed attached to each other at the pelvic bone with feet in perfect, steadfastly maintained sixth position (that’s parallel: in Standard dances, a turned-out foot = a tripped over foot = partners going down fast…) And David Hallberg, that’s David Hallberg (sorry 🙂 ) and Julie Kent can do Samba. And Cha Cha. Fun fun!

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  1. I could really see Fergie w/Nick; elegant, stately, etc.

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