American Ballet Theater Fan Gonna Be Out On The Streets Soon…

ABT subscription brochure

Okay, as Chimene pointed out in her comment on my last post, I am ever so slightly conflicted over my dance versus spending goals for the next year… Harrumph.

Anyway, these three villains are responsible for the, as of today, $400 hole in my wallet:

Jose Manuel Carreno

Marcelo Gomes

David Hallberg

Also known as:

Hallberg in underwear

Sorry, I don’t know why I can’t resist …

Oh, and I forgot her:

Alessandra Ferri
She (Alessandra Ferri — my favorite ballerina in the world) is, horrifically, retiring from ABT this year, and of course I had to get an (expensive) ticket to her final performance, in front orchestra balance near the curtain just so I can get trampeled during the hours-long curtain call by anxious fans wanting up close pictures… Actually, I had to get the same expensive tickets to the other four perfs that constitute my subscription series because of my deep-seeded need to see the aforesaid villains up close. Because I’m weird.

All of the above headshots, by the way, are images I linked to from the ABT website, and are copyright of ABT of course.

Anyway, in making my purchase I realized that I am actually not going to miss the Met’s Othello; I will leave for Blackpool the very day following Julie and Marcelo’s premier of it. Meaning, I don’t actually have to go down to Washington D.C. in January to catch it. Of course, that means I have to wait four months until May, when it comes to the Met. Four months is a long time. And I do have a good friend in D.C. who will be leaving for the foreign service in February. And I have a cousin who just moved to Arlington. Hmmm. I believe I may have to go to D.C. in January after all … for reasons other than the fact that I am an obsessed, deranged ABT groupie, of course… Well, I still have five days until my New Year’s resolutions to not spend so much money on dance officially begin. We’ll see… It’s HARD being a balletomane 🙁


  1. Yup, those guys look like major criminals and the woman is clearly their accomplice.

    And who’s the dude in the underwear ad?

    Spending your salary on ballet tickets is really an insane addiction: you have nothing to show for your money when all is said and done. I’ve just spent close to $500 on NYC Ballet tickets for the Winter season, aside from NUTCRACKERs, and what good is it going to do me in the long run?

    Happy New Year, Tonya!

    Philip aka Oberon

  2. Hi Philip!

    Yeah, I know, I know!! Ballet IS expensive, but I do still feel like it enriches our lives — especially the new ballets (which is why I love ABT’s City Center season more than their Met one, and why I’m liking NYCB more and more now too); I guess that’s less the case with watching the older ones over and over again … although I’m finding seeing different dancers’ interpretations of a role engrossing too … It’s interesting to ponder what exactly it will do for us in the long run, right?! Well, at least for now, it’s entertaining, plus it gives us a lot to blog about 🙂

    Happy New Year to you too!

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