Woo Hoo!

winning decision Yay, just got a belated Christmas present yesterday in the form of an appellate decision. I won a case! I know it’s probably odd to hear a lawyer all excited about a win, but at the appellate level, criminal attorneys so rarely do. There’s currently a one-percent reversal rate in the First Department (that’s Manhattan and the Bronx), and a big whopping two-percent reversal rate in the Second (Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island). So, on average, NYC appellate PDs basically have a one-and-a-half percent chance of prevailing for their clients. Which can be hard if you’re like me and feel a lot for your clients. Anyway, I managed to convince the Court that my guy was unfairly bullied into waiving his right to a trial by jury (and, instead, letting the judge alone determine his guilt). The People will probably appeal to the highest court in NY — the Court of Appeals. So I’ll have to be ready to respond and defend if they do. Anyway, it was exciting.

I think perhaps now I deserve a … trip to D.C. … ha ha!

Also, regarding belated Christmas gifts: how beautiful is this?!


  1. Congratulations!!
    I also like to read your posts about law stuff cause it helps me identify which is the correspondent “institution” in Brazilian law (it’s not something we’re taught at the regular English courses, of course hehehe)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Great that you won your case…

    I used to work for two lady lawyers at the insurance company and it was the best time. I’ll have to e-mail you a picture of us!


  3. congrats Tonya!!!

  4. Thanks so much you guys 🙂

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