"Bloggies" Are Here…

I’m so new to blogging, I really don’t know how important these blog awards are, but from now through this Wednesday, January 10th, nominations are being taken for the 2006 annual “Bloggie” awards. Again, Dance is not represented as a category, and again, I am annoyed. There is a category called “Topical” which covers all blogs on topics not covered under the other category topics, so you could nominate dance blogs in that category. But since winning is based entirely on the number of nominations and votes a blog gets, it seems to me that any topical blog that doesn’t have its own category is not going to do very well. Not that we all want to be competing against each other or anything, but I am just so sick of seeing dance underrepresented in just about everything…

Anyway, to nominate, vote, or just check it out, go here.


  1. I agree with you – I get tired of dance being unrecognized in newspapers, awards programs and in other areas. Maybe we’ll have to mobilize dance bloggers to encourage the awards program organizers to add a “dance” category.

  2. Hi Doug! We should! I know some people already have emailed that suggestion to them. I nominated you in a couple of categories, by the way 🙂

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