NYC Dance Blogger Get-Together!

Dance Bloggers Meet in NY

Doug Fox, who runs the excellent, extremely informative and technologically innovative blog, Great Dance, was in town this weekend for a dance conference he was covering. So, several of us NYC dance bloggers arranged a little get-together with him. From right to left is: Kristin Sloan (ballerina with the New York City Ballet, in case you’re new to my blog and didn’t know that from the umpteenth times I’ve talked about / linked to her!) who created the best-known and I think first (?) diary-esque dance blog a couple of years ago — the awesome Winger — and is hence really the mother of all dance bloggers!; Tony Schultz, a modern dancer and PhD candidate in dance and technology at Sarah Lawrence who contributes to the Winger (and has a very fun personality by the way 🙂 ); Parker, a ballet dancer, turned Belly / Latin ballroom dancer AND law student by day who writes the sweet Salome Justitia; Doug; and on the end, little ole me (with extremely flat New York winter hair!) I love how Kristin is holding that light away — in true pro dancer fashion with the flair of her hand!

We met at a little bistro across from Lincoln Center — where else! — and chatted for a couple of hours. Everyone is working on such fascinating projects and is so interesting and ambitious and inspiring. I was so happy finally to be able to meet everyone. I’ve been faithfully reading Kristin’s blog for almost a year now — it was actually the first blog I ever really read (at least daily … okay, hourly…) and is what made me want to start my ballroom one, so it was really kind of surreal meeting her! 🙂 And I can’t wait to read all about this event that Doug attended. It seems that he saw tons of great performances and met many interesting people, so check Great Dance, where he’ll be posting about it for about the next week or two.

Fun fun time 🙂 If you’re a dance blogger and you’re in the area and want to be included in the next get-together, it looks like Doug is setting up a list, so contact him!


  1. Getting together was really fun. I hope to see you all again soon. These conversations always give me so many ideas. Thanks Tonya.

  2. So fun. Hope I get there earlier next time! Boo, school commitments!

  3. Saw your comment about Grey’s on “listen missy,” and thought I should drop by and visit your blog.

    Yeah, I’m not sure about the appeal of the show, I just know that I’m happy not to watch it. Any theories you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to keep up with your blog; your life seems a heck of a lot more exciting than mine.

  4. That was a lot of fun!!!

  5. That is so great! I’ll definitely write Doug to be included in the next one! 😀
    (oh, and for the “extremely flat New York winter hair”, I’m loving this effect, since mine tends to have too much volume! :D)
    Hey if you are attending any dance performance these days, please give me a heads up if you think I can come along! (I’m sooooo happy to be here!!!!)

  6. Sweet! Sounds like fun! I’ll drop a line over at Great Dance!

  7. Wish I could have been there!

    Was that ‘bistro’ Pain Quotidien on 65th? Looks like their tables!

  8. Yeah, it was Pain Quotidien! Next time you’ll be there 🙂

  9. Awwww…. I feel stranded out here in San Francisco! Wish I could be there to meet everyone.

    At the moment I’m recovering from micro-fracture knee surgery…

  10. Oh no, that sounds painful, Marcy … get well soon!

  11. Aw I’m so jealous! It looks like everyone had a good time! You’re so lucky you live in the city.

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