Bad Gay Friends!!!

I was going to blog about this, but Jennifer beat me to it! Ha ha! Time Out New York‘s cover this week features a fat, fluffy, very cuddly-looking, female-friendly kitty, with the cover story, “Why You’re Single (And What You Can Do About It).” Inside, they list a plethora of reasons for that conundrum, one of which is titled “Because you’re a straight woman who only goes out with her gay friends.” I found it kind of funny that this reason is listed nearly half-way through, and not at the top of the article (this is a NYC magazine after all — don’t a great many women suffer from this here!!!) Anyway, Katharine Rust, who wrote the little piece under this topic, which contains ideas for bars, restaurants and events where such a person could go to to meet Mr. (Straight) Right, begins by noting: “A gal would be crazy NOT to surround herself with fabulous-looking guys who are quick to tell her she looks marvelous, but…” And I started thinking, hmmmm, I don’t get told I look “marvelous” all the time. Hey man, I’m being cheated out of romance AND compliments! 🙂


  1. Don’t tell anyone, but I met the love of my life thru a personals ad. Seriously.

  2. Really!!! That’s great! Okay, maybe I will have to try it…

  3. haha! I think is every New York City girl’s dilemma….

  4. I met my sweetheart online too. Sometimes I feel like we are all turning into cyborgs. Maybe its not that bad.

  5. It’s funny because, now that I think of it, so many of my online friends are gay too!

  6. My best friend married a guy she met online last year. In fact, she has only done online dating (AOL specifically) since I have known her for 10+ years. Sadly, I don’t have any gay male friends. Instead I attract lesbians and the virgin, christian-saving-themselves-til-marriage or sexually-inexperienced straight male, which is kinda like having gay friends but without all the fun, talent, creativity, love for the arts, or sense of style. These friends bore me to tears even though they are nice and sweet. Please, I need some gay friend and I guess a personality change.

  7. Thanks for posting the link to the article, hahah, I had fun reading it. I swear I fit into way too many of the categories!

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