Can You Say WIMP!!!

Ah, how beautiful is that! I tried to do something like it so we could put it into my routine, except I wasn’t arching back, just kept a straight body, but I was too @#$^%$# scared! Now I’m so mad at myself!

So, I turned my pretty ending lift into a boring fish (again):

I mean, when I did my first fish, it was great fun, and it is pretty and all, but now that it’s the only thing I’m not scared out of my mind to do, it’s just frustrating… Ugh. Maybe I’ll get up my nerve to try the over-the-shoulder one again, but I was really wobbly and I feel like if we do that one, half of the next two months is going to be spent trying to overcome my fears instead of learning foxtrot. (Above pic by the way is of me and Luis during last showcase; top one, which is actually hanging on my wall, is of the fearless and beautiful Carmen Corella with HIM, in a photo by Roy Round in the book “Roundabout the Ballet.”

Anyway, we finally finished the choreography, so I just transferred what I shot on the camcorder in the studio onto tape so I can watch it over and over and over again on my TV and hopefully someday memorize it (the only way I know how to memorize my choreography).

The routine is pretty … a lot of foxtrot and not a lot of lifty / tricky things, but I guess it will give me a chance to focus on … dancing, which is what I’m supposed to be doing after all. Maybe if I do well in the next couple of weeks, he’ll put more hard things in 🙂 In looking over it, I realized we forgot to put in the trick where my butt kept getting stuck on his shoulder — which may be for the best after what happened last time…

One more pic of Tony and Jacob finishing up the choreography. Jacob’s about to sit on Tony’s back and do air kicks … it’s pretty cool. I got in trouble for taking this pic though — too flashy, and almost blinded everyone! Ooops!


  1. Ah, to tape yourself or not to tape yourself … I don’t have a camcorder as of yet, so I can’t and I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing. I won’t freak out about how bad I look (you know I would), so I’ll be more confident (maybe!), but I also won’t fix the things I actually could if I see them and be horribly embarrased when I see stupid mistakes after the fact. I don’t know, I’m on the fence.

  2. Wow, they MADE me get one and tape it — said that was the only way for both them and me to remember the choreography. J also said he wants me to tape myself so I can see what he’s telling me I’m doing wrong — which I feel conflicted about. On one hand, it makes me really upset when I see myself overall because it makes me realize how much like a pro dancer I don’t look, and it makes me feel like giving up. On the other hand, little, very specific things like problematic posture, center / solidity (ie: not looking like spaghetti — a big thing for me), and lines / arms, make more sense when I see myself on video. So, I’m on the fence too about how much it actually helps me to learn to dance better. But, they said it was essential for my learning the choreography — that may be different for you since you have such a strong dance background.

  3. I think I got off the hook because we (ha! Michael and Tony, I mean) choreographed the routine back in NOVEMBER, so if I didn’t have it memorized by now I would be forced to sit in the dunce’s corner. So don’t take it personally! 🙂

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