Two Months Til Met Season!!!

Marcelo Gomes

Yay, opening night is in two months exactly! Oh but two months is soooo long…

And DH looks here like he is gaining just a bit of weight (in a good way!) (for non-obsessed ABT fanatics, he’s the guy in the grey sweater, then white shirt) I’m sorry! It’s just that he’s so mesmerizing; every square milimeter of him, in both movement and in pictures, is just fascinating 🙂 And Matt has a knack for bringing out the goof in everyone 🙂

Above pic is of Marcelo, of course of course!


  1. now that I got my tickets, can’t wait either!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know, I just got mine today too!

  3. Well, I have less than a week to see my men in Chi town. Yeah!! Finally!! It will be interesting to see who actually dances the lead parts since it keeps changing.


  4. I just looked at ABT’s website, and you’re right, their casting does keep changing! I’ve never heard of the guy dancing with Paloma before, and Herman is dancing one of the days (in place of Marcelo, I think?) I’ve never seen Herman dance the part of Romeo, but I’d think he’d be really good in the role — will be really interesting to see! Very “leading man” role for him! 🙂 I know, it’s coming up really soon for you! I’ll be excited to see your posts!

  5. Tonya! did you see the new casting for sleeping beauty?????

    Not only did they give it to Marcelo and Part–they got the world premier!!

    I am so excited 🙂

  6. No, I didn’t, Delirium — thanks so much for telling me!!!!

  7. No problem.

    I really had a shitty week this week, so that was a real lift to my spirits. It’s also my mom’s bday on the first, so I’m going to take her and get us really good seats not our usual ones 🙂

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