Yikes, it’s coming up so soon! I’m so not ready!!

I started up again with Luis last night 🙂 His hair is so long now — it’s funny because I feel like I just saw him, but I guess it’s been about five months — time really does fly! I remember him saying he was going to grow it out, but I’d forgotten — almost didn’t recognize him!

Anyway, he learned the first half of the choreography already – -Jacob was really nice and helped teach him. So, in about forty-five minutes, he now knows it better than I do, and I have been learning it for over two months! I am so not a professional dancer!!!

Another thing that defines me as so not a pro — my dinner; dinner of pigs! They had these in the coffee shop near my work and I just had to try one. So yummy. But so blasted big!

So, my lesson ended at 7:50 p.m., and I then rushed home to catch Dancing With the Stars. I know, “cheesetastic” show (in Terry Teachout’s words), but it promotes ballroom dancing and increases attendance at ballroom studios, which in turn promotes ballet and concert dance and hence increases attendance at those events, so we support cheese here!!!

Anyway, it was interesting to see Paulina again — she must be in her forties by now and of course looks all of 24. I used to not like her because I remember her saying things like “I wish women would just be women” — ugh, like why can’t we just all be whatever we want for cry-eye, but that’s when she was younger and she seems to have a very cute, fun, humorously self-deprecating personality, so I definitely hope she stays. I have to say though, as gorgeous as she is, her dancing really drives home the point that beautiful skinny girl with long limbs does SO NOT a dancer make! I mean, aside from her gorgeous face, body-wise she really reminded me of myself: hunched over because you’re taller than your partner, spidery arms flailing about everywhere, spaghetti center, etc.! But because of that I am so very glad she’s on the show — I’ll love to see her improvement in the coming weeks, and it’s so fantastic to see someone who looks like you (body-wise of course — I WISH I had that face 🙂 ) dancing and dancing well and to everyone’s liking. And I am also so glad Heather is on the show — how awesome!!! She looked beautiful.

On one last note, ABT is on tour right now — they’re in Chicago today, but were in Detroit recently, and I saw this on Matt’s blog. How horribly upsetting. Living in NY for such a long time now, I forget that such people still exist…


  1. hi tonya~ i totally agree about paulina! being a supermodel, i just thought she wouldn’t have such a great personality and a funny sense of humor. i love her response to her partner telling her that his dad had pinup pictures of her. ^^

  2. Hi Jolene! Thanks for visiting my blog! I know, I loved that response — about the grandfather!

  3. Hi Tonya! enjoyed your comments about Dancing with the Stars. I boycotted the show last season but I’m returning to the fold this season. I still think it’s really hokey and I hate the fact that some people in the TV audience vote for contestants mainly because they “like” them or “feel sorry” for them rather than because they are really dancing well but still, as you point out,the show does attract a large TV audience and as a result, the general public does become more aware and hopefully more appreciative of the world of ballroom dancing.

    Personally, I watch the show primarily to see the professionals like Burke, Grinenko, Smirnoff, Dovolani and Chmerkovskiy but I have to admit that I do find the celebrity amateurs fun to watch at times and I do admire the amount of improvement they sometimes demonstrate during the run of the show. Paulina Porizkova was a real revelation. Yes, of course, like virtually every other male, I was aware of her as a supermodel, but the fact that she still looks so great (if I didn’t know she was in her forties, I too would have guessed mid to late twenties – thirty tops) is astonishing. More astonishing, perhaps, is the fact that she comes across as so personable and charming. And she even has some dancing talent to boot. Among the other contestants, I was especially impressed by Laila Ali among the women and Apolo Ohno among the men. But I know how much those impressions can change from week to week.

    I hope you continue to offer your reviews of each show as the season progresses. It’s a great public service!


  4. My stomach dropped to the floor seeing the “official” poster. Why is this performance making me so nervous?

  5. Hey Tonya! I tried to comment on your last post but the link wasn’t showing somehow….just wanted to let you now that I loved your review of Snow White and I’m definitely going this friday (and i’m taking Al!!! hehehe)
    So, is that your performance on May 7th? email me de details so I can make my plans!! merde!!! 😉
    (as for Dancing with the Stars, you know I can’t say anything…hehehe)

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