Crappy Day

I saw this in the Style Magazine of the NYTimes today:

It’s about how ballet-styled clothes and makeup have been all the rage on the runways of late. And, gives a little advice on how to do your makeup like a real prima: for ‘Coppelia eyes’ apply false lashes at the outer corners and blue pink lipstick, it says. Blue pink lipstick? Hmmm?

But, looking at the actual clothes, I don’t think the dresses are anything special at all. Just some light pink and white silk with lacy outer layers, flowers in the hair, and way over-the-top pointe-style sandals with laces climbing all the way to the knee. Why don’t they make dresses is that beautiful silvery lavender from Christopher Wheeldon’s Evenfall… so dreamy… and totally bring on the tulle! It’d make a gorgeous springy dress; I’d wear it!

(photo by Paul Kolnick, from

Anyway, the weather is absolute crap here:

It’s been POURING all day long. And I have to go out in it later this evening, to see ABT perform snippets of Sleeping Beauty at the Guggenheim…

And, I’m not feeling so hot. Throat’s a little scratchy. I hope I’m not coming down with something. This is so not the time with foxtrot showcase and Blackpool and end-of-the-fiscal-year deadlines at work all coming up…

My yummy lunch:

I know it’s not so good for me; it’s just all I want to eat with a sore throat…

Also, on the cover of the Style Mag was this actress, Paula Patton. I’ve been roaming around YouTube this rainy day looking at new videos of Carnival coverage in Rio and I swear she was one of the celebrities wearing a glamour bikini. Does anyone know if she was there?

I have to say, something really depressed me and maybe – hopefully — it was just the videos I saw, but Carnival looks rather dangerous for women. Lots of men grabbing and groping women and with no accountability for their actions. Like the Puerto Rico day parade here that year when there was all the sexual abuse. Are women respected anywhere in the world? It’s so upsetting to me… Hopefully Craig Salstein and whoever else is at Guggenheim tonight will pull me out of my blue funk…

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