First Week Without Dance Class…

Sad night. Tonight marks the beginning of my hopefully brief hiatus from ballroom dancing lessons. I called the studio to tell them to cancel my standing appointments with Luis indefinitely and I almost felt like crying afterward… I guess the good thing is that I can now shamelessly promote the student showcase that I won’t be performing in:

Dance Times Square does put on a very fun student / teacher ballroom dancing showcase — the only of it’s kind really (the only one that I know of anyway that takes place in a theater and not a studio and that contains both amateur and professional showcases), and for those who enjoy watching ballroom dancing, it is a nice little event. Go here for tickets.

I really shouldn’t be all that sad, seeing as how I made my B&B reservations today for Blackpool! This year I’ll be staying right across the street from the Winter Gardens, instead of about fifteen blocks away, as I did last year — sweet people who ran the hotel, but it got a little seedy walking back at 2:00 in the morning after the comps ended. I’m really getting excited, as it’s only a month away now! Should be perfect time for me to re-assess my dance goals (and finances…)

And, regarding that other kind of dance that I so lurve:

three, three, three weeks 🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. ugh, you and your countdown 🙂 Always reminding me how little time I have to get back in shape and learn the rep!

  2. Sorry! I’m just so excited! I hope you’re starting to feel better…

  3. Loving the countdown! It makes me excited, for my (I hope) first full length ABT experience very soon!

  4. Tonya baby, doesn’t this ballroom-hiatus also mean that you now have a little more time to try out another kind of dance class? 🙂
    You know that surge of energy you get from getting into something new, the way it makes you feel all refreshed, inspired and in love again?
    And then you might actually get hooked!

    (and the *extra* good news about that is that there are plenty of classes to get hooked on, that cost only about a tenth of a private ballroom class! :P)

  5. I know, Gracia, you’re right! I’ve been SEEING so many dance performances though lately that I haven’t had the time! I do want to go back to samba (Brazil samba), and I’m thinking of trying a Modern class too!

    Ariel, I can’t wait till you get here — we will have to go to ABT together, definitely!

  6. Are you on a ballroom lesson break b/c you are going to Blackpool?

  7. Hi Chimene — good to hear from you again! Basically the lessons are getting so expensive, I just have to take a break, which hopefully will be a short one. Plus, I think the studio I was with is just not really for me anymore. My long-time teacher there left and my newer teacher is only teaching one day a week and though I love him personality-wise, he’s not so good height-wise for me, and, though he knows Latin, he specializes in American Rhythm, which is different than Latin. I feel if I’m going to pay so much for this, I should have a teacher who doesn’t just know, but really specializes in the type of dance I want to learn. Plus that school is known for their student showcase that they put on in a Broadway theater twice a year, and that used to be a lot of fun for me, but I’m now getting a little tired of it — plus, it’s so expensive! So, I’m trying to figure out where to go from here — maybe try to find a new teacher and another school and train for competition instead of performance… I’m hoping Blackpool will give me time to think it through.

  8. Oh, okay. I wish you the best with everything.

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