"Dirty Dancing" in Tribeca With Anna Garnis, and Nearly Woman-Less DWTS

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, the Tribeca Film Festival, which is now underway, is showing the film at the Tribeca Drive-In, located outside at the World Financial Center Plaza, for free, tomorrow night, Thursday, April 26th. I already knew, and blogged about it earlier, but what I didn’t know is that one of the teachers from my studio, the amazing Anna Garnis, is going to be one of the pro dancers doing a little pre-movie pro ballroom dance demo.

I’m so upset because I have tickets for something else and can’t make it! Figures! Anyway, Anna is one of the very best Latin ballroom dancers in this country; she and her partner, Pasha Kovalev (my former teacher 🙂 ), always place in the finals at the national competitions, and they really have the best show-quality of anyone, IMHO 🙂 She is most definitely worth seeing if you can make it down there tomorrow night. Here are deets on the show.

Anyway, DWTS: So, Heather got booted, leaving only one woman — the amazing Laila — who I don’t think is going anywhere for a while — and nearly all of the men who started. The former cultural history grad student in me just wants to look at this as an interesting cultural phenomenon. I wish they would do a demographics study on who is watching the show — well, I’m sure they have but haven’t revealed it to the public — but from reading the message boards anyway, it appears that it is mostly women watching and voting. So, it’s interesting to me, women really want to watch the non-pro men dance. Which makes sense — the men are rather fun; even if some of them aren’t that good, it’s just really kind of fun to see these guys who complain about looking “girly” and “sissified” (and all those annoying terms) doing the Latin hip-swaying thing, being forced to duke it out with each other on the dance floor. Adult men who did not take up dance as a profession and who’ve never taken lessons are often more reticent than women to learn or even to just get out there on the dance floor, so I really think there is some of the fun of watching that going on. I think Laila is different than “normal” women since she’s a boxer. And I LOVED her lifting little Apolo in that group swing! I do hope anyway that she stays a little while longer for more moves like that 🙂 I just think it’s interesting in general, from a larger cultural perspective, to ponder who likes dancing, who watches dancing, who follows dancing, what it is that turns those people on to dance, and whom they want to watch dance…

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  1. Ah, Tonya, once again you’ve hit the nail on the head – the “larger cultural perspective” – that must be my justification for continuing to watch the show (apart, of course, from getting to see Julianne, Karina and Cheryl dance every week). So of course, Heather was doomed to go, in spite of the fact that she was clearly better than John and Billy Ray and maybe even Ian. But I do think that Laila is a “keeper,” even with the pro-male audience voting that we’ve experienced. I think that even the largely female segment of the audience respects her and that she will make it to the final three (with Apolo and Joey). But don’t wager any of your hard-earned money on that prognostication. My track record for predictions – in dance competitions, reality shows and sports – is historically quite shaky.

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