Pissed at Hallberg

(images taken from the Winger)

I am so mad at this one right now. It’s less than two weeks before ABT’s Met season and he hasn’t written a single post on the Winger in weeks. This time last year he was posting like nuts, keeping the bizillions of ABT fans abreast of all the excitement. He had such a huge fan base at the Winger and I feel he is neglecting us. Just like a typical young guy who gets a fun toy and tires of it in five seconds. I realize he is very busy learning new choreography, preparing for the upcoming six-week season and flying all over the world giving guest appearances, but this is EXACTLY what audiences want to hear about — the lives of the glamorous jet-setting dancers who are starring in the world’s greatest ballets in the world’s largest opera houses. The high point of the Winger was when he was posting from Japan. He didn’t post ONCE from Europe. If he’s so busy he should find someone else at his level to temporarily take his place. One of the “aesthetic” differences between NYCB and ABT is that the former is very “female” the latter very “male” which is what I and so many other female fans love so much about ABT. But I guess we forget that unfortunately women are so much more responsible!!!!!!!


  1. sorry tonya, gonna back david on this one…he must be incredibly busy. if i were as busy as him, i’m sure i wouldn’t post either! give him a break~ after all, we will see him on stage in a few weeks!!!! much better that he is prepared for his performances than busily blogging…

  2. well since i dont really blog i cant complain. But David really has been posting very very little for a long time. It is really too bad as I enjoy his posts when he makes them.

    It seems like the winger adds more and more contributors but they all post infrequently.

    My mom actually sort of liked R&J (she went last min last night)
    after reading the other reviews yours seems actually on the more positive side! 🙂

    I am so wiped out. I wish it was tomorrow evening already.

  3. Aw, I’m sure David doesn’t mean to get behind on his posts, I’m sure he’s just busy. I don’t have a schedule like his, but even I find myself making less and less posts when things get hectic!

  4. Gracia Michelle

    Tonya girl, you sound like you need of some chocolate! 😉
    And maybe David is just a bit weary of being confronted all the time with comments about his hair and pictures of himself in the ehm… almost-bare essentials? 😛

  5. Gracia Michelle

    Btw I do agree with what DT says about it seeming that more and more contributors are being added to the Winger but they’re not posting much each. Personally I actually liked the Winger a bit better when there were fewer contributors but they were more around, it was more cozy that way I guess.

  6. Hehehe, Gracia, I should post that picture of him in the dance belt unti he DOES post again 😀

    I know he’s busy, and it’s funny because I guess when you see the photo spreads and interviews with dancers in the big glossy books (like Roundabout the Ballet) the dancer just has to do a quick interview and photo shoot and then someone ELSE puts the whole thing together — they don’t have to do much. And the autobios come after they’ve retired… Kristin had her injury and that’s how she was able to start the W; plus she just works like a madwoman anyway. But, still, D had time to do it in Japan 🙁 Is it too much to ask for just one little picture once in a while — here’s me in makeup, here’s Kevin looking really angry, here’s my dressing-room-mate in midst of costume change – – just kidding! JUST KIDDING!

  7. tonya, i agree – I think you should post his picture in the dance belt at the top of your website until he posts.

  8. Gracia Michelle

    Hahahahahahahahaha, I LOVE your suggestions!!! =D

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