Joaquin Cortes on Dancing With the Stars!!!!

Omigod omigod — did everyone see him on DWTS?!?! He was soooo amazing! I think it totally came through what a stellar, world-class dancer he is on TV — at least the studio audience could tell, judging by their cheers. I believe this is a new high for this show – Cortes is one of the greatest dancers in the world. Did you see that footwork — hello?!!!!! And Joaquin is also an ambassador to the European Union representing the Roma people, flamenco being a dance that emanated from the Gypsies. For more about that, visit Root Magazine, here. Pretty cool having a dancer as ambassador 🙂 I really think this proves mine and Dean Moss‘s points about Dancing With the Stars — that watchers of the show are, in Moss’s words, “developing an aesthetic for viewing dance,” and that its popularity can lead to increased popularity of other forms of dance such as ballet and modern…

So, Ian and Cheryl just got booted. I didn’t really like the Elvis look on him — particularly the wig, and I thought even in his last jive he was trying so hard to dance like “a guy,” to not be “girly” (which he had earlier complained about Latin seeming to him) that it really hindered his learning technique and acquiring proper dance skills. Virility in dance, as in life I suppose, is something that, if it is there, is just going to come out naturally, certainly not from stomping around on the floor consciously trying to look macho. He could have benefitted from watching Herman and Marcelo and Seth, and Cortes too!


  1. Joaquin was on Dancing with the Stars?????? Oh my god, I finally have a reason to watch…. I couldn’t stomach that show but now I’ll be searching online for clips of my favorite dancer…

  2. Hi,
    As you know, I don’t have a tv (a wise decision) but thanks to all the youtube users I can still enjoy DWTS. Click below to see some of this seasons shows. I’s still looking for a clip with Joaquin.

  3. thanks for the link, Chimene! Oh, I hope you find the Joaquin clip — I’ll look for it too when I have a chance. Yes, Marcy, he was sooooo good! I’ve seen him live at City Center, and I really don’t think seeing him on TV diminished his performance in the least — his brilliant dancing still shone through on the screen (because with dance, sometimes it loses effect on TV, DVD, etc. — not here though!) I know, I almost fell over when they announced last night he’d be on tonight!

  4. you’re killing me… i’m so jealous… *swoon*

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