Huge upset

Huge upset

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Unless i am blind and deaf – entirely possible here – it appears pasha kovalev and anna garnis didn’t make it past preliminary cuts – is it even possible?


  1. Are you sure they danced? Dancesportinfo says: no results for this couple, which can mean they withdrew and did not dance.

  2. Also, I really think you should be more careful posting stuff like “Huge upset” without being sure. That’s what gets spread around-not the “oops I made a mistake there was no huge upset” correction.

  3. i saw them dance in the first two rounds.

  4. Now I’m even more confused-if they danced 2 rounds, Dancesportinfonet would have them in the round 2 list, not the no results/round 1 list. Please don’t take offense, but I really like and respect this couple and I really object to outlandish speculations re: their performance being used for blog/headline entertainment.

    Is it possible your information is not correct? Last year, P & A were 2nd in Blackpool Rising Star; I think it’s far more likely they withdrew due to health issues (if they danced at all) rather than suffered a “huge upset.”

    When the facts come in, I hope you will headline those if they are different than your speculation. I found your headline when I googled P & A to see the reaction online to their SYTYCD appearance, and so will every other googler (is that a word yet?!), and I would hate to think that all their great accomplishments will be overlooked in favor of the much more inflammatory “huge upset.”

    On a lighter note, thanks for your Blackpool blogging, especially re: the big retirement news!! That will have quite an impact in the professional Latin world!! How was their final performance?

  5. Oh chill out. Tonya is a personal friend and fan of both members of the couple – her reaction is heartfelt and anti-speculative. Not inflammatory.

    Outlandish is about three times too strong a word to use in this situation. Get some perspective.

  6. I’m a friend and fan as well, and my reaction is heartfelt also! I’ll take the perspective that this is a blog and hopefully people will take headlines like “huge upset” with a giant grain of salt. Pasha deserves to have friends and fans who support his well-deserved dance reputation as well as those who “anti-speculate.”

  7. Nothing in the post tarnishes anybody’s rep.

  8. Hi you guys — I’m just now getting back and looking at comments and stuff, and yeah, I agree with Michele, lem, I don’t see how saying I was upset that they didn’t make the cut tarnishes their reputation either. I didn’t mean it in a bad way! I was basically blogging via cellphone since I couldn’t get a secure wireless connection for my computer, so I was texting everthing in which took forever and I couldn’t really type very thoroughly, but I meant that it was a huge upset for me as well.

    So, I’ve now talked to many people who were there and who are well-connected to the dancers, and I was right, Pasha and Anna definitely did compete in the first two rounds, then were two couples shy of making the top 96. And I didn’t reveal any info that everyone who was there doesn’t already know — a lot of people are talking about it because it is so weird. It doesn’t make any sense to me either since they did so well the last year they competed there, two years ago. I was talking to someone who frequently competes last night and who is a good friend of theirs and she said all competitive dancers know that sometimes these things just happen, especially at Blackpool since it’s such a big competition and there are so many couples, and you can speculate all you want about why it happened, but it’s pretty futile to try to surmise why judges voted as they did. That’s the thing with these competitions to me — I really go to see all the great dancing, but my favorite couples usually don’t win or place anywhere near 1st and I just don’t let myself get worked up about it. People say it’s political and I don’t know enough about it to know how true that is but, frankly, I sometimes don’t even want to stay to see the results, I just want to leave when the dancing is over — I think everyone pretty much knows who’s going to win anyway. From what I know, though, they’re over it and are moving on and I’m sure they’ll do better next time and with other endeavors.

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