Evil confectionary stand across ballroom

Evil confectionary stand across ballroom

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With all the fried food and cadbury bars i’ve been consuming i’m beginning to feel a bit sick. Latin formation teams just competed – china was awesome – it’s gonna be between them and brigham young.


  1. Thanks for all the pics and tidbits during your trip, Tonya! I got to be there vicariously through you! Get home safe and sound!

  2. sooo—just got home from ABT.

    You have a glorious thing to look forward to monday..no nerves here!


  3. Gracia Michelle

    Gosh I LOVE Cadbury’s, especially Fruit and Nut!!!
    (and the name suits me so well! :P)

  4. Doesn’t Peter Boal’s family own the Cadbury Chocolate Company? So you see, the more Cadbury you eat the better!!

  5. Gracia Michelle

    Haha, Philip I had no idea!!! But thanks, just the justification I need! 😉

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