Pasha and Anna on So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!!!!

I missed “So You Think You Can Dance” last week since I was in Blackpool, and now I’m just catching up and seeing that Pasha Kovalev and Anna Garnis were indeed on the show 🙂 Pasha’s sitting in the front row in the wait room 🙂 So exciting seeing my friends (and most excellent former teacher!!) on TV! Reminds me that I forgot to post pics of them in Blackpool. Sorry they’re so crappy — see what I mean about how crowded it was that I could not get a decent seat from which to take decent up-close pics?… Argh!
Pasha Kovalev and Anna Garnis

pasha and anna

Pasha and Anna

As you can see, she is wearing a wig in these pictures. Originally a blonde, she is now wearing her hair long and dark, but she often wears wigs for the comps.

I’m so psyched that they are on TV!!!!!

Did anyone see ballet dancer Danny Tidwell? Was he as pompous and arrogant as the judges are saying he was?


  1. I don’t think Danny Tidwell was any more, er, “confident” than any other career dancer. He just doesn’t put on a “OMG, really? Lil’ ol’ me?” facade over his personality. He can bring it, he knows it, he brought it and the judges played right into it BOUGHT it because it’s gonna be very polarizing and make good tv, so….whatever works for ya, you know? I will be interested to see how it plays out it with other cast members and popular voting.

  2. Thanks, Erin! I had to miss it last week since I was out of town and was just wondering what the judges were talking about. This season is going to be a lot of fun!

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