I'm Pretty Sure That…

angel corella

Angel lives in my neighborhood since this morning was my second sighting of him there during “off-hours.” This morning he did not look at me and smile as I passed by though 🙁 — which he usually does not because I’m special but because he does that to everyone 🙂 He appeared very serious and focused and had a somewhat concerned look in his eyes. I hope he’s not coming down with cruise-ship ABT flu … He was probably just perturbed at this pathetic excuse of a summer we’re having — it’s FREEZING outside!!


  1. What, what WHAT!? You see Angel Corella in your neighborhood!? Wait until I tell Dione after her ballet classes today–she is the biggest Angel Corella fan, and she’s been trying to see him the whole time she’s been up there–with no luck. I think she might faint when I tell her!

  2. Angel is the nicest guy you could imagine…he used to come in to shop at Tower when I worked there and he was very friendly to everyone and never seemed annoyed if someone came up and spoke to him or asked for an autograph. That’s real star quality…

  3. Are you going to Manon tonight?

    I decided to see it for Ferri–I’m going to miss her so much 🙁

  4. No, I ended up going to Jewels, at NYCB. How was Vegas?

  5. fabulous 🙂
    and so was Manon. I still think its a dumb story but i love the choreography and i love ferri.

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