Carlos Who?

carlos gomez and jose reyes

marcelo gomes

I’m such a goof. This evening I was at New York City Ballet and during intermission I saw a guy on his cell phone in the lobby all distressed, shouting, “Gomez is out? Gomez is out?!” I thought, oh NO, what’s wrong with Marcelo???? At the same time I thought it was kind of cool that someone was so upset about a dancer s/he called his/her spouse, friend, etc. via cellphone from just across the plaza with the news.

Then I got home and saw the sports news… I’m so out of it regarding sports!

I am going to blog about the NYCB repertory I’ve seen over the past couple of days, by the way, just need to get a free moment!

(Top photo by the way is C. Getty Images and from Yahoo Sports, and second is of course from ABT website).


  1. Cute story, Tonya!

    Eva (big Yankee fan)

  2. Oh hi, Eva! Thanks! And thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. hahah!

    I was at nycb tonight too! what did you think?

    Jeu de cartes is NOT a good ballet.
    I liked the nightengale and the rose!

  4. I think I must have been there the night before you actually — I saw Raymonda Variations, Dybbuk, and Stravinksy Violin Concerto. But I saw the program you saw about a week ago. I know, I really can’t get into Jeu de Cartes, although I think Robert Fairchild (or someone I liked — maybe it’s Tyler Angle — could be both) is / are scheduled to dance the male leads, so I want to see it then as well. I liked Nightingale too!

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