Oh Good Lord!!!!!!!!

Who saw it last night!!!!! I was DYING! They have studio socials once a month at Dance Times Square (the studio Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin own) and for part of the party, they’ll have the professional dancers / teachers take the floor and give a little performance. I swear, Melanie has to be begged and cajoled and pleaded with and begged some more to get her out on that dance floor just to do a teensy tiny little seconds-long routine with Tony (her former championship dance partner — they were the National Latin Champs in 1995). And now to see her have to dance on national TV with Pasha!!!!!

If you didn’t see it (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE that is), what happened was Jesse, Pasha’s partner, became very ill (she actually fainted) yesterday morning and couldn’t perform with him last night. So, in order for Pasha to remain in the competition, Melanie (whom the announcer called Tony’s “Assistant”!!!!!! — I’m sure she just LOVES that title 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) sweetly took Jesse’s place and danced with him! On national TV! Oh good lord, I was screaming, literally screaming at the TV! Did you see it, Parker? Where are you, Parker??? When they did that lift, I had to hold my hand up to the TV! And scream some more! And then cover my mouth so I’d stop screaming… I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t knock to see if something was wrong (or tell me to shut up).

Anyway, if you didn’t see it, my friend Michele sent me this link from SYTYCD website– to see Pasha and Melanie (just scroll down to Pasha). Thanks, Michele!

Aw, Melanie came through for him 🙂 And Pasha was so cute! He’s just so, he’s just such a great Latin dancer, especially Cha Cha! And his smile is so infectious! I just love him 🙂

I hope Jesse’s okay though. They said she had some kind of “heart abnormality” I think is the way (judge) Nigel put it? That doesn’t sound good at all…


  1. Yes, I saw it!! I could NOT believe they called Melanie Tony’s assistant. Thank goodness Mary Murphy blurted out Melanie’s credentials. I also think Melanie walked the line perfectly between being good and not deflecting attention from Pasha. What a horrible situation. And poor Pasha seemed so upset. Just shows what true pros he and Melanie are, though, to make the switch under those circumstances and with such little lead time. If Pasha is in the bottom 3 couples tonight I will just scream. Ten minutes till showtime!

    P.S. Didn’t Anna look fantastic last night? The suit works for her.

  2. Hi! I know, I was glad Mary did that too — she’s so cute, that one! Yeah, Melanie was really good to him 🙂 Oh, but I’m so sad Jesse’s off now — I really did NOT expect them to do that to her! Now Pasha will be working with Jesus’s partner, I guess… And didn’t Anna look gorgeous in her solo costume! I love those — she has I think 3 or 4 in the same style, different colors (two years ago when they last competed at Blackpool she wore one in white one night, one in black the next, and I think this black/blue one was from Ohio Star Ball last year).

  3. I knew I recognized it from somewhere! Have to say I’m NOT looking forward to a Pasha/Sara pairing (wasn’t Jessi funny with her blatant crush on Pasha tonight?). The sizing is off and talk about two different styles. Maybe they’ll get a brilliant Wade Robson routine, but anything else is dangerous – Sara’s proven herself disasterous in ballroom, and we haven’t seen Pasha do hip-hop yet. But Danny and Anya seem like a great team.

  4. Hey, nice to meet you guys! Do you know If Anya and Pasha are couple in real life (bf and gf)? I’m wondering as they’ve been parnering for a such long time and so they might be in a relationship…….

  5. Hi Lena — I actually don’t know. I know they’re really close and they’ve known each other a very long time and they’ve been partners forever (and also that all the girls in the studio seem to have enormous crushes on Pasha and the guys equally huge crushes on Anya!) I know they’re very close friends but I don’t know any more than that!

  6. Thank you Tonya, so this explains why Jessi seems to have a hugh crush on Pasha. I really hope Pasha and Anya can be paired together and performing Rumba on SYTYCD, that’d be amazing. Can’t agree more with you, they are really great performers and dancers.

    BTW, is Cha Cha their specialty or any other dance?

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