To ease my pain

To ease my pain

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  1. Great knee and leg!! (the drink looks good too!)

  2. ew…that was a creepy comment

  3. Yeah, I guess I go to so many ballroom competitions where the women wear skimpy costumes (as they sometimes do in ballet as well), that I didn’t think my knee would be a big deal. These comments I’ve thus far excused as being a generational thing (men our age don’t talk to us like this, but perhaps for a certain generation, this is considered supportive in its own, to me odd, way). Honestly, though, they do make me uneasy and I wish that they would stop.

  4. My profoundest apologies – there was certainly no offense intended. It was a purely spontaneous aesthetic comment that was in its own “generational” way intended to be complimentary. But it was out of character and I stand completely corrected. I deeply regret any uneasiness you may have felt.

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