Seeing patti lupone in gypsy!

Seeing patti lupone in gypsy!

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I’ve never been up this high at city center!


  1. Just posted about this! Be interested to hear what you think.

  2. Hi! I saw it posted on your blog this morning, and purposefully didn’t read it because I knew I was going tonight! I’m going to post on it tomorrow. I’ll read yours now.

  3. Hee! I always have to sit that high at City Center. I can’t wait to have a good friend in a show there someday so I can sit where the rich people sit. OR better yet, be onstage myself and invite my friends to sit in house seats!! Didja bring a hanky in case you got a nose bleed? How was the sound up there this time? Last show I saw there — it wasn’t as great as it could’ve been…

  4. Wow! Really? Was it great?

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