Petition for Pasha and Anya to Dance on Finale of SYTYCD

April left a comment in an earlier post about a petition she has created to encourage the show‘s producers to have Pasha and Anya (whom the judges eliminated last week to the immense disappointment of many) dance on the show’s finale. How sweet 🙂 Of course I think it’s an excellent idea. I wasn’t sure everyone would see it in the comment, so I’m posting it here as well: to add your voice, go here.


  1. Hey Tonya! You are awesome! Thanks for posting. It doesn’t hurt to try. And maybe …just maybe Mary will knock some sense into Nigel and have them perform on the stage. Two of the best ballroom dancers on my screen = tv dying from hotness!

    Thanks again:)

    *hands you a cookie*

  2. Oh you’re welcome, April! Thank YOU for suggesting it and putting it all together — I think they will go for it!

  3. I would be awesome if they did. I’m sure Mary would try her hardest to make it happen.

    And you’re welcome. I felt like I had to do something in light of the crappy no sense making decision by Nigel and Wade.

    Since Anya didn’t make it in the Top 10, this was the next best thing.

  4. hi Tonya again. I swear I’m like a stalker. lol But I had read your awesome blog about the Showcase where Pasha and Anya (Anna) did the rumba routine back in May. Do you know if anyone videotaped that? Because I would give my left arm to see that. Makes me wish that we could have seen that performed on the show…. *sadface*


  5. That’s okay, April! Thanks for reading! I’m not completely sure, but I would assume that Dance Times Square (who put on that show) had someone videotape it; they’ve done that in the past so I assume they did it at this one too. In the past, though, they’ve only videotaped the students. But in this show, the students and the professionals were more interspersed with each other, so they might have got the pros on the tape too. You can contact DTS; their number is 212-994-9500. Here’s their website:

    Just make sure you ask them whether Pasha and Anya are on the tape!

  6. Thanks for the info. I’ll try and contact them later this week though I feel kind of retarded asking if Anya and Pasha are on the tape….but hey I’d love to see that performance.

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