Que Si, Que No, Que Si Que No QueSi QueNo QueSiQueNoQueSiQueNoWAAAAA

Hehe. I’m having fun trying to set up my Swan Lake Samba Girl MySpace page. Fun, but not without a little frustration music-wise… I want to add some songs to my profile, but I’m one of those extremely elderly pathetic people born way back, and still living helplessly, in the Dark Ages who still buys cds (mainly at Ballroom dancing competitions), and none of these Latin Ballroom cds list the names of the bands anywhere on their back covers or insides flaps. Grrrrr….

I did manage to find one of the songs I greatly enjoy — or rather, can’t stop laughing myself silly every time I hear (in a good way –it’s slightly corny, but if you’re a bit down you absolutely cannot remain depressed upon hearing this song!) It’s called Nunca Te Decides on my cd but Que Si Que No on the band’s (El Simbolo) profile page. And I found this one as well by a band from Singapore called Wicked Aura Batucada. It sounds a lot like Quenia Ribeiro‘s band who plays for my samba classes at Ailey. Very street, and very what I imagine Carnival samba to sound like. So, I added those to my profile, which I assume MySpace will automatically alternate? I also found this song whose name is listed on one of my cds, by Ara Ketu, but cannot seem to get the blasted thing to play. If anyone can, is it good? I thought of adding this ever-fun one by Bellini, which I nearly seriously hurt myself once trying to dance to at full speed 🙂 Can’t figure out if it’s too cheesy 🙂 I do so love it though!

Anyway, here is my page thus far. Please feel free to add me as a friend if you have one too!

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