Funnel cake!

Funnel cake!

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I love this stuff – except in phoenix it was called “indian fry bread.” i assumed it was made by native americans?


  1. Fry bread is a Native American dish… you are correct. I come from New Jersey (born in Boston though as I must make that distinction) and remember funnel cake down the shore… ah yes, and listened to hair metal too…

    So, fry bread… I haven’t had it yet but sometimes driving through the Pyramid Lake Rez in Northern Nevada I see signs for ‘Indian Tacos’ and not really sure what that is…

    Looks like fry bread isn’t a sweet thing like funnel cake:

  2. Thanks Marcy! That’s exactly where I used to get the fry bread — at the State Fair! They served it with powdered sugar, so made it sweet. I can imagine it would be very tasty topped with beans and cheese and served as “Indian tacos” though (I’m a total Mexican food-head 🙂 ) Haha, I lived in New Jersey for a time too — Hoboken, to be exact. And I’d always have to add that whenever anyone asked where I lived — “Hoboken, not New Jersey — Hoboken!” It’s kind of sad that NJ has that rep — it’s actually a really cool state with very progressive laws 🙂

  3. I’m hoping someday to be treated to some home-cooked fry bread… Perhaps when I get my plans together to photograph some of the Grass Dancing championships….

    Hoboken! Sinatra’s home town, no?

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