Mouse King Update

Thanks you guys for all of your help and suggestions on what to do about my new little “pet” 🙂 I’m just now seeing them this morning since all day yesterday I avoided the apartment! Yesterday in the park I completely freaked out over a puppy daschund. I was walking along and didn’t see him until he wagged his little tail at me, causing me to jump sky high. I don’t think he’d ever had that kind of reaction to his presence before and the poor little thing began whimpering; his owner looked at me like I was on something… I then realized how ridiculous it is to be afraid of a tiny little mouse, who, from his behavior yesterday, is likely far more afraid of me: I braved the shower yesterday only to hear some messing about in the kitchen right when I opened the bathroom door. I first screamed, then peered around the door just in time to see him do a swan dive behind the stove. I screamed again and shut myself in the bathroom for 1/2 hour more. When I emerged, I ran over to my desk, far from the kitchen, sat and turned the computer on, when I saw his little shadow coming out from under the nearby futon. I screamed and he turned around and went back underneath! That was the last I saw him, nearly 24 hours ago (but of course I’ve only been in the apartment for about 10 of those hours, and mostly sleeping up in my loft, where my mom told me he wouldn’t climb???) I’m very lazy and never cook in the apartment, so don’t really have much for him to nibble on in here; maybe he got bored and decided to look for a snack elsewhere. Of course, I’m sure he’s still somewhere in the building. I’m not going to be bringing my usual takeout in, though, think I’ll be eating out for the next few days 🙂

One good thing coming out of it: for the first time in about two years, I got the nerve to talk to the cute but slightly odd Russian guy next door (just from some odd noises he makes over there — one time I wasn’t sure if he was having an epilectic seizure or sex; I honestly sat there in my loft worrying about whether I should be calling 911 on him). Well, I realized he’s very nice and approachable and smart, and not too weird at all! (He told me to use the trap that kills them instantly though to be more humane). M, I never thought of putting those glue traps in the freezer! I fear I’d never put another food morsel in that freezer though! I think if I see him again, I’ll take Melinda’s suggestion and try to find a non-deadly trap where I can just run the thing outside, although I’d probably scream and he’d fly off the second I touched it… I’d love to get another cat, Philip, but my blasted allergist keeps telling me I’m allergic. Actually, I had quite a crush on that doctor, though I could never figure out if he was gay — he looked like a 50-something version of Rupert Everett 🙂 Maybe this is a good reason to go back, tell him I need another allergy-to-cats test!

Thanks again for the comments 🙂 I’m was thinking, geez, what a horrible pig I am that I’ve actually attracted a mouse, so glad to know I’m far from the only one! This definitely beats the water snake who climbed up a toilet in my dorm in Arizona. It wasn’t my room, but I still didn’t go the bathroom for days…


  1. My aunt says….

    Don’t be scared if the mouse scratches around in the trap when you’re transporting him. He’ll be trying to get out.

    Also, I found out that she’s never actually released a mouse herself. She calls on one of my cousin’s friends–a big, strong (aka, geeky, computer nerd) boy–to remove the offending creature and set him loose in the park.

    Good luck!

    (Water snakes would be MUCH worse.)

  2. Once you get rid of the mouse, I highly suggest going around your apartment and plugging up any holes with steel wool. Mice often travel around apartment buildings through radiator ducts, so if any part of your radiator has an opening into the wall plug it once the mouse is gone. If you do it before you get rid of it, it will end up trapped in your apartment and while it might then be easier to catch, you will also end up seeing it more often.

  3. Also, it is beneficial to have a cat, mice instinctively avoid apartments with cats, when we had a problem with mice we found out that the only apartments on our floor not affected had cats.

  4. I agree with Benita, Tonya – get another cat (after all, you are a cat lover, aren’t you).. I know what your doctor told you but he is an allergist, right -that’s what they tell all their patients. That simply means that they can’t figure out what the real cause of your allergies is – so simply blame it on the poor cat. I was told as a child that I was allergic to virtually everything, including cats, and for most of my life I’ve had anywhere from 3 to 7 cats (with no ill effects). So either go back to that guy you thought looked like Rupert Everett or better still, try a new allergist.

  5. Thanks you guys! Oh, so it’s actually a little cage that the mouse will stay in, Melinda — okay, good! I could always take it outside and down the street and ask someone to empty it (or my new Russian friend!) — if I couldn’t do it myself, there’s usually someone around that I recognize as an acquaintance at least!

    I didn’t see any holes, Benita, but I’ll look! I’m sure there’s one somewhere behind something … I just hope he’s out now!

    I would love to get another cat. That’s interesting that you were told the same, Bob — I’ve always had cats too, and my allergies are exactly the same as they were before my last kitty died. One of my co-workers suggested I spend some time at the ASPCA in the cat area and see how I do! May be a way to use my upcoming use-them-or-lose-them vacation days!

  6. The impression I got was that it’s a box of some kind, but I’ve never actually seen one (the trap, not a mouse), so I can’t say for sure. But I think so.

    Yes! Ask the Russian. Russians are very brave.

  7. Oh my gosh! I hope the mouse issue gets solved! You can say for awhile that you relate to “Clara” from “The Nutcracker!” (Haha–maybe your Russian neighbor IS your “Nutcracker?” OK, I’m taking the metaphor too far!)


  8. haha, I know, Ariel, I was thinking the same thing 🙂

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