Wine & Roses II

Wine & roses ii

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So, said ravioli was excellent. Though lacking in presentation (plate contained a bunch of pasta squares and single small green thing thrown on the side), taste was scrumptious — pasta was thick & ever so slightly crunchy the way Italians make it (rather than overcooked to near death in American manner) and mouthwateringly salty! Waiters v cute — one a Paul Rudd lookalike; other cross btw Pasha and Nikolaj Hubbe. Cute street cafe outdoors, and very comfy indoor area — bar stools are large and well-padded for a bony butt, and several tables with long booths on one side surround the bar. Oh yeah, and enormous wine list! Riesling was lovely. Perfect place to spend my whole day almost finishing my book 🙂 I have a new favorite!


  1. mmmmmm sounds good. I will have to try it out when I am in NY this week.

  2. i love how your cute guys are described as a combination of different dancers. 🙂

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