You guys, what happened? How could this happen? How could it???????????????????????????????????? Did everyone just die?

Well, I think it’s going to be between Lacey and Sabra now. It’s funny because I recognize all the steps Lacey does in her solos — which is really kind of fun — though I could never ever do them the way she does! I actually kind of liked Lauren tonight too, for the very first time ever — didn’t she do a few hundred pirouettes in a row? Where were those earlier? Nigel’s right — she peaked too late…

And, no, Matt, Lacey wasn’t flashing that — yuck!; she was accidentally (or maybe not) sticking what she thought she was in front of the camera, you gay breast man! Hahahaha, GBM 🙂


  1. YES to the acronym Tonya! haha hilarious. And you know I’m just joking about her flashing that in the camera. It just seemed a little lewd, even to me 😉

  2. hahhaha — i just commented on your blog too — we’re the only two online right now! I need to go out for chocolate ice cream and red wine and drown my sorrows…

  3. I need to meditate 😀

  4. Tonya, I felt your pain the minute I saw Pasha eliminated – I’m soooo sorry! As much as I love Danny I think Sabra will win it all – we’ll see soon enough!

  5. It’s just not right.

    My only consolation is that maybe Pasha and Anya will get to dance together in the finale. Fingers crossed.

  6. I officially hate the American viewing audience (present company, who obviously voted for Pasha, excepted). Neil? NEIL?? Hunchy McPlange?

  7. I actually whimpered out loud at the television!!

  8. I’m sorry Tonya – I knew you were going to be so upset about Pasha. I like Melinda’s idea – have Pasha and Anya dance and show em how it’s done!

  9. Thanks you guys 🙂

  10. I was out Monday evening so I recorded the program and didn’t watch it until tonight. I’m sorry about Lauren being eliminated but even sorrier about Pasha’s departure. I will stick with my original prediction and say that it will come down to Danny and Sabra and the winner will be…..? (Your guess is as good as mine – I have no gut feeling as to which way it will go, although personally I would vote for Danny. Of course, knowing my track record for predictions where a TV viewing audience is involved, watch it come down to Neil and Lacey instead)

  11. Well, I have a question: does it have to be a guy and a girl in the final? Last time I know it ended up being between Travis and Benji, but this time around it seems they’re making sure one man and one woman is eliminated each time, so I guess they’re ensuring it’s not going to be a single-sex showdown like last time? I honestly haven’t watched any of the prior seasons the whole way through so I don’t know!

  12. I’m not sure either but it seems as if this season at least the producers of the show want it to come down to one man and one woman. And I think that prior to last season that was also the case as well.

  13. I think that once they get to the final four, the guy/girl thing goes out the window and the contestants are eliminated based on numbers of votes. That’s my understanding, anyway. The first season, it was a guy/girl finale, but last year, it wasn’t.

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