Beach day saturday!

Beach day saturday!

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En route to brighton beach for my annual nyc beach trip – accd to is last sunny day here for forseable future. I love how the subway goes above ground in brooklyn.


  1. I love that you can take the subway to the beach! I miss New York.

  2. haha — it’s not the greatest beach in the world (certainly not Bermuda), but it’s fun anyway 🙂

  3. My daughter, who lives in Manhattan, recently called me and said, “Guess where I’m at?” Since we moved to NY from So Calif 13 years (and we lived about 10 minutes from the beach) I never would have guessed she would say, “The beach!” When I asked how she got there (no car in Manhattan), she told me via the subway. Well this kind of thing still surprises me about living in NY. What a place!

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