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The Borders @ time warner only devotes 2 bottom shelves in back of store to dance – & it’s just blocks from lincoln center!


  1. You should try the Barnes and Noble a block or two away from Lincoln Center, their dance section is full of books! I always stop and read a few when I’m there–and always leave cause I can’t pick just one that I want to buy! I know its either on the second or third floor! 🙂

  2. Hi Ariel! Yeah, I know exactly which B&N you’re talking about. I love that one too, but Borders always gives out the 20-30% discount coupons. If you join their Borders Rewards program (which is free), they send you a coupon by email once a week. The only problem is that they have such a crappy selection of books! So, what good does the coupon do if there’s nothing you want to buy…

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