Epcot disappointing

Epcot disappointing

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Like a bunch of souvenir shops representing each country. O canada film narr by martin short was good though.


  1. FYI
    Don’t hold your hands up and yell like your on a roller coaster when you are riding through the slow educational rides (if they still have those). It makes them much more entertaining but it can get you removed from the park by security. I wish someone had warned me. Of course, I was a teen and on a school spring break trip so I probably would not have listened anyway. Just so you know.

  2. Thanks Laurel! Yeah, they had two of those kind of rides, but only one was really educational (the Norway one; the Mexico one was more about Donald Duck wearing cheesy ponchos and saying “viva Donald”, etc. — a ridiculously touristy view of Mexico saturated with Disney characters. The Norway one, however short, did kind of give you a sense of what early Norweigans had to endure with their harsh climate, polar bears, Vikings, and the folklorish trolls. The Norway exhibit, small as it was, was one of my favorite parts of Epcot. And, hehe, I could see that one being more entertaining if you screamed and held your arms up — it was kind of scary!). I probably should have spent more time in the Future exhibits and less time in World because the World exhibits just annoyed me with their cheesy touristy crap to no end!

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