sebastien marcovici photo by paul kolnick

Celebrity sighting, celebrity sighting! Of course I would have to be looking like a complete dumbass. I’d just been at the street fair and was making a quick run to the drug store a few blocks away. It was the first coldish day of the not-yet-fall and a bit windy out, so I had a runny nose and hair flying out of my ponytail and scattered haphazardly all over my face and head. Hadn’t washed my hair this morning because wasn’t planning a big day and so make that greasy hair scattered all over face and head… Plus, I’d just finished eating some street food bought at the local Italian restaurant’s stand, so likely had Alfredo sauce somewhere on my cheek, and perhaps a mashed pea too… Thank God it wasn’t Marcelo!!!

And dancers — at least the principals — always know when you recognize them. You look at them and they look right back at you, and you try to look away but you can’t help doing a double-take and they lock eyes with you again on the double! So embarrassing when you’re shy and too timid to say hello, and especially at a time when you look like a total dumbass.

Anyway, he has really beautiful eyes. But really kind of frighteningly intense, but in a beautiful way.


  1. Oh my gosh! I loooveee seeing dancers in New York, of course I do the exact same thing, look once, twice, then freak out! That’s so cool that you saw him.

  2. Thanks Ariel! Yeah, it is fun, it’s just that it always happens at the wrong time 🙂 I guess if you go out looking your worst, you can be sure that’s when you’ll see someone!

  3. Someone told me once that in French prisons a tear-drop tattoo is the mark of a murderer.

  4. Philip! Is that something on the photo, seriously? I couldn’t figure it out! I know here it can be a sign of gang membership but I forgot which one… He did look REALLY intense when I saw him… Well, let’s hope he’s not a murderer; he’s still dating Janie right? Sadly… he’s so damn good-looking, I want him to date ME 🙁 But if he’s a murderer Janie can have him 🙂

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