Look what Matt sent me: I am very happy! 😀 😀 I hope no one takes it down…


  1. That was great! When and where was that taken? Marcelo looks very young.

  2. I don’t know, I should see if Matt does. I thought it was taken pretty recently though. I know that no one from ABT knows how it got on the internet (which I hope doesn’t mean it’s going to be taken down!)

  3. Maybe it was a fresh haircut that made him look young to me:)

  4. It was about four years ago from what Anne told me the other day. Some gig that they were doing at a small school. We were all laughing at the fact that it was up. I think you’re pretty safe. YouTube has far more to worry about than bootleg dance videos 😉

  5. Thanks Matt! I figured it was ABT who wouldn’t want videos of their performances randomly posted on the internet, but I didn’t realize it was at a school. So, I guess it is safe 🙂

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