David Speaks!

Matt posted a little video he made of him and David Hallberg attending a live taping of the Broadway play “Legally Blonde” for MTV. Pretty good video, Matt! But interesting thing to me is, this is the first time I’ve actually ever heard David speak! He’s more fragile-seeming than he appears onstage. He’s so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s just funny because in dance (in contrast to theater, movies, etc.) you see a favorite dancer onstage many many times and you never hear the sound of his voice.


  1. I know! How cute and funny are he and Matt together? David seems much more human to me now – what a difference between his on stage persona and real life. Love him all the more! My daughter went to the Legally Blonde taping too but not sure if she was at the same seating. Have you ever heard Marcelo speak?

  2. Hi Barbara! No, I haven’t heard Marcelo speak, have you?!

  3. No no, or course not – I wish 🙂 One day I may get up the nerve to go to the stage door for autographs but so far I’ve never done that. Well except eons ago for Nureyev and Fonteyn.

  4. I totally agree Tonya! I saw that video and was like “AHH David!” even though I’ve heard him speak before.

    Barbra you should totally go to the Stage door! I can’t encourage this enough it’s so much fun–Tonya you should go too!

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