Only Three Weeks Now!

Until City Center season!!! Yay 🙂

(photo directly above by Roy Round, taken from ABT’s website. The favorite dancing with the wonderful — but apparently gone from ABT??– Carmen Corella; top photo by moi, of Marcelo taking a bow with Diana Vishneva after Swan Lake at the Met).

Speaking of my love, last night I went out with my friend Alyssa, who is a grad student at Columbia and also has a part time job as a receptionist. She revealed to me that a few days ago, he came into the place where she was recepting. She wasn’t sure if it was him, having seen him only once, with me last year at Martha’s Vineyard, so she didn’t say anything to him. But she whispered to the person he came to see that she thought he was a dancer. The person mentioned it to him, telling him the receptionist recognized him. She said his face was aglow; he was very excited about being recognized! And that he was very warm and nice and a lovely person. I knew Marcelo was warm and nice and lovely! And I knew he appreciated his fans! I love him so 🙂 I should be his publicist…

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