Survived Philip Glass Casket Concert!!

Hehehe, Kristin and commenters once talked about surviving an MRI by thinking of all the frightening noises (scary because you’re in a casket-like space for people who’ve never had an MRI) as like being at a Philip Glass concert (only dancers, right!) 🙂 So, that’s what I did! And it did help soothe the nerves! Thanks Kristin!! Doc wants me to have an exam every so often to make sure nothing has changed and to see if they can shed any light into my weird problem. One of the good things about writing this blog is that I was able to meet someone else (see comments here) who has the same neurological disorder. Kell found me on an internet search. We’ve been emailing back and forth comparing “life as a guinea pig” notes. But comparably I have nothing to complain about; I’ve realized how much worse others have it than I do. Hopefully they’ll figure it out at some point, for others’ sake more than mine. Oh, at least my exams are over for at least another few years 🙂 🙂 🙂

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