Morphoses Free Open Rehearsal!

(photo by Lois Greenfield; dancers Craig Hall and Wendy Whelan)

For people in NY (or nearby), Morphoses (which I blogged about earlier when they premiered here at Fall For Dance) is going to have a free, open-to-the-public rehearsal next Friday, October 19th at 4:00 p.m. at City Center.

During the rehearsal, choreographer and artistic director Christopher Wheeldon will work with several of the company’s dancers in order to illustrate the artistic process involved in creating a new work, and will hold an open conversation with the audience. I think this is such an excellent idea, especially in light of my earlier post where I was so upset over my inability to understand some of the newer pieces because I felt no one was really talking about them. I think events like this, which is really one of the first of its kind (in terms of the conversation aspect), should go far to helping newcomers to dance understand this art form. Go Christopher!

So, that’s City Center next Friday the 19th, doors opening at 3:30, limited seating on a first come first served basis. If New York City Ballet’s recent open rehearsal for Romeo + Juliet was any indication, if you plan to go, get there way early!


  1. YEAH! I wish I could go. But of course, I can’t like always.


  2. oh I would love to go – please keep an eye out for gonzalo garcia for me? have fun, I hope you’re planning to go!

  3. Hi Jolene — I’m going to try to go Friday, if I can get off of work early. I’m definitely going to their regular performances though, at least once (and probably more)! Selly, they have to have more of this kind of stuff on TV, so everyone can see it…

  4. ah yes, real world life always gets in the way of seeing theater and dance. 😉 Or that’s what I think!

    I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts.

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