Look For Kristin on TV!

How cool is this?! Kristin Sloan of the Winger recently made a commercial for Apple’s iphone, promoting the device, which she now uses for mobile blogging for the website. It’s like cross-advertising: she’s promotes Apple and they in turn promote the Winger (and, by extension, dance!) Everyone wins. Very cool. According to the comments, people have already seen the commercial; I haven’t because I hardly ever watch TV, save for my two favorite shows. Hopefully they will air it at those times, because, hello, it would make sense! There are four real-life, non-actors promoting the phone on the commercials; another is the “My First Time” guy, who has started this new theater networking site. Kristin’s new site, offering the same for the dance community, cleverly titled “The Intermission,” is here.


  1. You can watch the ad online at: http://www.apple.com/iphone/
    The ads are at the bottom.

  2. My new fave commercial! Next to the Jaimie Goodwin salad and Momix underwear.

  3. I saw her ad last night on televison at 8 p.m. on FOX

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