What is the Difference Between David and Rudik?

In terms of dance ability, absolutely nothing, as these pictures so clearly show. So why isn’t the former as famous as the latter? I honestly don’t know.


  1. He’s already a star to me and remember dear David is only a mere 25 yrs old. And of course he’s only come from Arizona not the Soviet bloc 😉 As the years go by I have no doubt that David will continue to become well known throughout the international dance world. Thank goodness he’s in our backyard for now. I have fears that at some point he might move elsewhere – the Royal perhaps or back to Paris?

  2. Was it Gelsey Kirkland of whom Balanchine said: “Too bad: didn’t defect.”

    And I seem to remember some writer saying that Cynthia Gregory would have been the greatest ballerina in the world if her name had only been Gregorova.

    David is a phenomenon – as fine a dancer as I have ever seen, and I’ve seen everyone, including Rudi, Misha, Fernando, you-name-it.

    I am not worried about David’s fame quotient: it’s his artistry that counts.

  3. What you say is true, many can argue that Davis may be a “better” dancer (depending on how you define “better”) or many can equally agree that that statement is a sacrilegious one, but what’s important is that dancers such as Nureyev have really paved the way for male dancers to be the best. I’m sure male dancers today have grown up watching Baryshnikov dance, with the idea that, hey maybe I can do that too, and have emulated his artistry and put their own personal spin on it. And without previous artists such as Baryshnikov and Nureyev, we wouldn’t have the amazing dancers that we have today.

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