Mentally ill ballet fan!

Mentally ill ballet fan!

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Killing time at my favorite midtown restaurant between matinee and evening ABT performances.


  1. You know my daughter and I have been trying to find a restaurant to call our favorite near City Center (and her office) and have tried a few places. I nixed doing dinner at Maison because I once got sick after eating a lunch salad there a few years ago. Of course my tummy illness could have been from something else but I’ve always associated it with that restaurant. Maybe I should give it another try? PS – LOVED David and Gillian in Ballo last night. Sooo much better than an earlier viewing with Max and Michelle. Everyone was “on” – it was like really seeing it for the first time.

  2. Oh no — Barbara, I actually didn’t feel so well when I left their either. I’d spent several hours there, just reading and nibbling and sipping wine and kicking back, and I did end up having a couple alcoholic drinks, so I chalked it up to that! I just felt a little weak and nauseous, no stomach problems though. I hope it’s not the restaurant!

    Yes, I loved everyone last night. I felt like everyone was on too — Baker’s Dozen is soooo much better than when I first saw it. Ioved Gillian and David too — like I did the first time! This was your first time seeing David in this right? And Marcelo, so cute 🙂

  3. Yes, it was my first and only time seeing him dance this season. Now, like you, waiting for spring! I’m pouring over the season subscriptions.

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