Could They Please Stop Scaring Me

by waiting so late into the show to announce that Helio is safe?!

So Jane Seymour left tonight, which I don’t think was much of a surprise to anyone, though I did think she was a lovely Standard dancer. What was a surprise to me was that Kenny Mayne actually has quite a sense of humor, as exhibited in that little faux sports broadcast he did with Judge Len and Jerry Rice. I haven’t seen that skit before, if it’s been on. Did Mayne mean to wear all of that makeup?

I saw the Apple iphone commercial after the show was over and with My First Time guy doing the advert. Doesn’t it make more sense to show Kristin demonstrating her use of the phone and during the show?


  1. The showed the Winger version of the iPhone commercial during the show too, I think. Though I DVR the show and fast forward through the commercials, so I only end up seeing commercials when I don’t want to set down my knitting to pick up the remote, or when I get up to get a drink.

    This is the first time they did the “DanceCenter” skit this season, though they did it at least 2 or 3 times last season, and it’s always hillarious. Though if it was a “real show” like on Bravo, A&E, or PBS or something, where comentators really did discuss dance for half an hour like SportsCenter doesn on ESPN, I would totally watch it.

  2. Oh okay — I guess I just missed the Kristin iphone commercial during the show (probably refreshing my glass of wine or some such thing 😀 ) Yeah, it seemed like they had the Dance Center skit before because they talked about it as it it was a return, but I hadn’t seen it. They have commentators discuss dance on Bravo and A&E? Okay, I’m going to have to break down and get cable…

  3. If it makes you feel any better, Tonya, I don’t remember the Dance Center skits either, although that one was pretty good last night. As for the competition, I was afraid that Jane Seymour was going to go but once again, I didn’t agree with the TV audience. Jane added a real touch of class and elegance to the show and although the British soul in her would not allow her to really “let go” in the Latin numbers, I think that Marie and Cameron should have departed before Jane had to leave. However, I have finally succeeded in not letting the audience voting get to me. People cast their votes for totally “non-artistic” reasons and if we want to have some kind of popular ballroom dance on commercial TV, that is the price we must pay. As for the Winger iphone commercial, I must admit that I too DVR the show and fast forward though all the commercials, so I too missed it. And finally, I get all the cable stations and I don’t recall much, if any, dance commentary on Bravo, A & E or any of those, but you should still break down and get cable anyway. 99% of the time, it beats what is on the regular networks.

  4. I liked Jane a lot too, Bob! She was so beautiful at Standard, and I disagree with the judges who said she needed to shine more even in that. I agree, I thought she was pure class!

  5. “They have commentators discuss dance on Bravo and A&E? Okay, I’m going to have to break down and get cable…”

    No, I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear!

    They don’t. I was just trying to say that *if* they did have arts commentary the way ESPN had sports commentary, I would watch it.

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