Oh Roberto!

Hehehe, thanks to Jen & Jolene, I noticed this Gap ad right off when I opened my New York magazine tonight. The man is Italian ballet star Roberto Bolle, whom I saw dance with Alessandra Ferri in her farewell performance with ABT and couldn’t stop going on about. The ballerina is Greta Hodgkinson, whom I don’t know, but is, according to the J girls, with the National Ballet of Canada.

Great “Dancing With the Stars” tonight! I honestly liked all of them. I think the routines are so creative, ironically so much more so than those on “So You Think You Can Dance” (the Latin / ballroom routines I mean). So big huge kudos to those pro DWTS dancers. Helio can do no wrong in my world 🙂 And Jenny has improved so much; that alone makes me want to root for her. And I thought the band was fantastic — that rendition of “Satisfaction” was really surprisingly good. You don’t think about the band since they’re in the background, but songs like that are so very easy to screw up, and they didn’t.


  1. With respect to “Dancing with the Stars,” you are right – the dancing has really been at a high level. Even Marie, who should have been voted off weeks ago, has made great strides in the last two weeks. Jenny has improved tremendously and Helio has been terrific (and I love his partner, Julianne – she is not only a great dancer but gorgeous to boot). Still, if the call was left up to me, the winner of the competition would have to be Melanie. She has been consistently excellent throughout the competition and is the “celebrity” whose dancing most closely approximates that of a professional.

  2. ah, I like this pose better with roberto – it’s SO gorgeous, he totally caught my eye because this image is about 10 feet tall in the Gap window in downtown San Francisco. Is he credited in this photo as well?

    i love Gap ads – they’re so fitting and relevant to the pulse of today’s culture.

  3. VOTE FOR JENNIE! I want Marie to go home so badly.

  4. Yes, Jolene, he IS credited in this magazine ad! I know, I’m so happy they have ballet dancers in these ads 😀

  5. Look at how happy she is…so jealous!!

  6. Ah it’s so funny you posted this–Dione and I were talking about him all day yesterday! I’m dying to see him perform live!

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