I'm Independent With Low Self Esteem, And You?…

Am bouncing off the walls waiting for tonight!

I’ve been researching the standards by which forensic handwriting analysts take handwriting samples — I know, excitement uncontained … actually it is pretty interesting though, how one is able, or not, to compare two pieces of handwriting to see if they are written by the same person. Anyway, in my research I came across an article devoted to handwriting analysis, as in how to tell one’s personality traits through one’s handwriting. Even though I have about as much faith in this as in, say, astrology, of course I am now obsessing over my own handwriting…

(For the record, handwriting expert testimony is only admissible in court as proof of forgery, NOT to show that someone has a criminal mindset and therefore may have committed the crime they’re charged with because of their handwriting!)

Anyway, according to this chart (scroll down to the cursive), I’m independent, but have some self-esteem problems. I write with lots of big loops, which this person says indicates independence. But, I tend to cross my t’s down low — mainly because I think they’re cute that way — instead of up high. Supposedly, high crossers have high self-esteem and low crossers, I assume, the opposite. Hmmm. I have esteem issues! But high crossers are also competitive and who wants that?… Although, I can be a bit that way… Also, according to the chart, people who make weird loopy things with their lowercase letters whose tails extend below the line (as in ‘y’ or ‘j’) may have some perversity issues. I think I remember Ariel showing a picture that a certain ballet superstar autographed for her when he guested with the Mobile Ballet, and I think I remember his final ‘g’ being a bit crazed down there. But that was on her old blog, which she’s taken down so no way of checking…

Okay, back to serious work!


  1. Hahah! I can repost it! I have TONS of autographs you can analyze. Frederick Ashton, Ethan Stiefel, Gillian Murphy, Yo-Yo Ma, any recent presidents and or presidental candidates with the exception of Bush. I’ve also go a lot of film directors, etc. Don’t forget you have Terry’s autograph too! You can see David’s autograph here.

  2. hehehehhehe, thanks Ariel!!! You’re the best 😀 Hehe, look at how high that T in “To” is crossed!!! David is beyond self-confident. David is brimming over with self-esteem. David’s head is explosive with self-assurance. Well, I guess he is a principal in the greatest ballet company in the world. One kinda needs to ooze self-confidence to get that far. Oh and look at that signature 😀 Okay, his ‘g’ is not perverted, just loopy. He’s all loopy like me — so very independent. That was fun! You have lots of autographs — Frederick Ashton???

  3. Signatures are too stylized to read anything into them..no? Wouldn’t you need a sample taken at random from something?

    I tend to write differently depending on the purpose and who is meant to read it.

    Penmanship is a lost art these days anyway. Ain’t it?

  4. It is, SanderO! Look how beautiful D’s is 🙂 Everything David does is a work of art!

    Well, I’m just goofing with the personality analysis, but with the forgery analysis, surprisingly my research revealed that they don’t take samples at random at all; they have the suspect write out the same exact thing — letters, number or combo — that is contained in the incriminating writing. They often can’t analyze samples which contain different words / numbers. To me, that just screams inexact science, but I guess I am a defense attorney so I think a certain way… Anyway, it’s just fun to analyze David 🙂

    Okay, I have to write my New York City Ballet Gala review!

  5. Yay I can’t wait to read your City Ballet review! But yeah, I do have Frederick Ashtons! I actually bought it from a friend of his from the UK! I’ll probaby frame all of my dance autographs and have them hanging around in my apartment!

  6. I can’t wait to see your collection!

  7. Hey, it called me a liar. It is not accurate at all.

  8. I have all the SYTYCD2 peoples’. I’d like to have some of them analyzed. Particularly the ones that look more like gang symbols/grafitti than a signature.

  9. hahah, I think I was a bit of a liar too, Laurel! Graffiti and gang symbols, Selly??! Haha, come to think of it, I don’t even know what Pasha’s signature looks like! Do you have pictures of your autograph collection anywhere?!

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