Halfway to burlington!

Halfway to burlington!

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  1. Scenario:
    Selly is entirely bored. She somehow ends up on a website where you can find names/their meanings sorted by nationality of origin. I’m scrolling through Russia because I want to know what Oksana means (no luck) and find this:
    Appearently, you are a fairy queen.

  2. Hahaha, Selly I know, I’ve done the same thing! The full name is Tatiana (which I know because my first Latin teacher, Tatiana (an earlier competitor of Pasha and Anya’s), said we had the same name because Tonya or Tanya is a nickname for Tatiana. Of course my mom didn’t know that, so my real name’s Tonya, not Tatiana. One day I looked up Tatiana on a Russian name website — I was of course originally on that website to look up Pavel (Pasha’s real name) and found that it was just “Paul” in Russian…

    Is your name short for something else? It’s very original!

  3. Mine is a childhood nickname that just stuck.

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